Welcome to my new web page. I am going to use this page as a way of recording my development as an artist. As I produce new works of art inspired from my “current base country” this web site will capture my development and growth as an artist and as an International traveler.

My work reflects my surroundings, feelings and inspirations. Sometimes I have to live in a place for a year before I even feel the desire to paint. Then it flows out of me like a fountain.  I am constantly looking for inspirations and for ways to better my art. I adore attending art workshops but over the last 5 years I have not had the opportunity. This part of me feels empty.

Currently my husband and  I are living in Hangzhou, China but soon we will be moving onto Ghana, Africa. I can’t wait for the colours, music and beauty to fill my soul once again.  I will be working with other artists which I have not been able to do for 9 years, as I have been the only art teacher in China, UAE and London UK. The only time I have worked with other art teachers was before I first left Australia.  I really do hope I make some good creative friends in Africa! Bring it on.

Thanks for looking at my site. Sometimes I will use this page as a release or form of diary and other times it will be purely about the work. ENJOY!


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