I Have Completed the Old Lady!


This is officially my FIRST ever portrait painting! I am really happy with it. At first I had painted a very bright sunset but it just didn’t suit the old lady.  The sun took away from her and created another focal point which was not my intention. I then had the same dilemma as last time in my journal art, what goes in the background? This image was meant to speak for itself I didn’t want countryside, birds, flowers or wallpaper detracting from her. So in the end I decided to match the middle tone so the image would be more harmonized. Personally I think it really works. Now when I look at the image I feel calm, relaxed and intrigued by the woman’s life. Who is she? Was she effected by the cultural revolution? Does she have any regrets? Where is her family? What is she thinking right at this moment?


7 thoughts on “I Have Completed the Old Lady!

  1. A very thought provoking piece Bec, I really love the mystique of her layers. I am looking forward to capturing a few of my own ‘wisdom of the ages’ images in late May.

  2. I loved seeing your web my friend and im upset that you never told about your painting skills when you were with me in Swaziland i would have learnt a lot seeing that i would like to draw some day.
    The portrait of this lady and the other guy in black cap they are my fav.
    Keep the great work up i love your stories as well.
    Your Friend In Swaziland

    • Hi there Myxo,
      Thanks so much for that. Well…. when you come to visit in Ghana I will give you some art lessons! 🙂 Thanks for signing up to this website I really appreciate your support and interest. I will come and teach art to some of your students one day in Swaziland when I have holidays!

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