Fishing in Guizhou

Fishing in Guizhou, April 2011

This is a painting based on one of my favourite people shots from Guizhou. Every time I look at this man I can’t help but smile.  I smile for two reasons firstly his smile is contagious and makes me feel good, secondly I know what he was laughing at!

When we were in the main town of Guizhou our guide said, “Would you like to see some fishing?” We replied “No thanks- why would we need to see the locals fish?” After our amazing lunch we then wandered off for the afternoon only to discover the locals lighting dynamite in a pond to kill the fish then they were all in there splashing around trying to find the dead fish. Watching the grown somewhat elderly men turn into kids again was hysterical. The man I took this photo of was in a group of highly entertained locals watching the fishing action.

Nothing like art with a story!  This is my second portrait ever and I am quite pleased with it. I like the wrinkles and stretched looking skin, the simplicity of the wall sets the scene in China. Again, I was playing with earthy tones.


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