2014 Jan ART Exhibition in Ghana

On the 24th of Jan we had a major art exhibition/celebration at Alliance Francaise. My work was for sale and on display next to my grade 6 and 7 students’ work. The grade 6 students had studied Ablade Glover, a famous and highly respected artist from Ghana. Whilst my grade 7 students worked with Jennifer Goss, a visiting artist from the USA.

Ablade Glover the artist who my students studied.

Ablade Glover the artist who my students studied.

The exhibition was a huge success for many reasons. Firstly, I sold 20 paintings out of 28 they are still currently hanging at Alliance Francaise until Monday, Jan 3rd. I have never sold that many in one opening night before. Secondly, the students were extremely excited to actually meet Ablade Glover and explain their art work to him. The parents and the students seemed to genuinely enjoy looking at both my work and the students.

Cheryl's purchase

Cheryl’s purchase

We hung 3 recycled chandeliers and put three display boards outside too which complimented the setting perfectly. After the 6-7pm opening the LCS (band, choir, drama and step) students performed and were also supported by Offie, an amazing vocalist often seen at +233 (the jazz bar).

DSC_0661I will be packing up the exhibit on Monday so if you missed it  you can still go on Saturday. I would love to know what you think. Thanks again to everyone who loved my paintings enough to buy them and to everyone who supported this wonderful 45th anniversary event. It really was a truly wonderful community event.




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