My FINAL Piece From Ghana


I am really happy with this piece as it could be any number of amazing villages here in Ghana. However this village near Blue Diamond is particularly striking with its fort and amazing tree. I have combined all my favourite techniques into this painting; knife painting, rollers, patterned rollers, stencils and small brushes for the details. Every painting I have done so far has been a close up. Close ups of boats, people, markets one individual at a time. This is my first painting where I am trying to capture the bustling scene. I love the colours in the people. It is so Ghanaian with their gorgeous fabrics. I still love the contrast of the black. Ironically I have run out of black paint just in time for my last painting. The next time I post another painting it will be from Vietnam.


My Last Trees From Ghana


This is a painting with a difference. I have wanted to paint this since our beach trip October last year. It was inspired from a photo I took looking at the sunset between the palm trees at Beyin. Again I applied Gesso over the canvas, painted yellow and orange into the Gesso and then smudged it with my hands. While the paint was wet I drew in the trees and added extra colour with chalks. Its a combination of chalks and paint If I had black ink or black thick house paint I would have dribbled that on top too. It is only a small piece but is quite striking. Here is a photo of my wall to show the scale of the paintings in relation to each other.

Three on a wall

I Have Been A Bit Too Busy To Maintain This

So here is an update of all the paintings I have created recently;


I have had two major inspirations this year. One being Sirigu with its amazing trees, pots, patterns and markets and the other being the gorgeous village near Blue Diamond resort.


I have stuck to the same style so that my work is unified. All pieces have been created with rollers, paint knives and small brushes for details.


This one was a commission for a friend who wanted her own boat photo with a saying and symbols that meant something to her personally. I added the extra words because they completely remind me of her. It was so much fun painting for a friend. Trying to guess the words and colours she would love the most.


This was inspired from my cover photo on Facebook. It had a lot more people in the shot but I thought three would be the perfect number as odd numbers tend to work better. As much as I loved the boat, when I started painting it I realized there wasn’t as much peeling paint it was actually a freshly painted boat so I exaggerated the layers a little because it is the texture that I love so much.


This was painted on a small canvas for my friends who are leaving soon. They want paintings but need to fit them into their suitcases. These seem to be my current favourite colours.


This is another small canvas which I completed today. Again with some of my traveling friends in mind. I thought I had finished painting boats but then I saw this photo again and remembered I took it specifically for a painting.



Now for something completely different and experimental. I wet the canvas with Gesso, then splashed on my random colour scheme, drew the tree with chalk and played with the rest. I have been wanting to create a tree painting for such a long time so here are a couple in a completely different style.



I love the use of the knives, rollers and especially the text because they are sayings that I really believe in and hope that they will attract and inspire other people as much as they do me.





An Art Exhibition Sneak Preview

DSC_0027Here are my current paintings and prices for anyone who wants a sneak preview. I will be painting my absolute last paintings from Ghana tomorrow and then that is it. We are packing up and shipping the following Tuesday. I am sad to leave Ghana but can’t wait to explore my new soon to be home, VIETNAM.


Tomorrow I will add the GHS conversion and update the last paintings. I hope you can all make it to my last exhibition this Friday.

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 4.04.49 PM


Last Paintings PDF

I am taking reservations with a deposit before the exhibit. I can hand deliver to Kitchener/ Toronto, Canada in June or they will need to be collected in Accra, this week.



The Trip To Sirigu Was Very Inspiring

DSC_1044The trip to Blogatanga and Sirigu was just as amazing as we thought it was going to be. We stayed in SWOPA which is famous for its basket weaving, murals and pottery. We balanced sight seeing trips with pottery, painting and weaving classes. By doing the painting course I was able to learn the meanings behind the geometric symbols which are now appearing in my paintings.

I really like the geometric designs not only because they make my work a little more unique but they also remind me of Sirigu. This painting is a small cute painting inspired by the mural designs and the guinea fowl which are everywhere. They are such cute birds. I used the mixed media Gesso painting techniques which I am working with in my grade 7 and 8 classes. I had no idea oils pastels, chalks , charcoals and watercolours worked this way in wet Gesso.

DSC_0196 This technique is very similar to my previous style which incorporated rollers and textures but this time I added some small Sirigu designs and put Gesso through a stencil which is another mixed media technique that I am exploring with my students. I love the large pots as they were so round and were huge. It was incredible watching the ladies load up their massive pots on their heads.


This is the piece I created today inspired from the food section in the Sirigu market. It is more like my previous style incrporating fabrics, textures and rollers. This time I used stencils too to replicate a fabric design. I loved the splash of red colours in the market so decided because the tomatoes were so bright I would use a predominantly cool colour scheme so that the tomatoes would become a focal point. The black-brown adds great contrast which is why I still love using that technique of painting onto a dark background.