An Art Exhibition Sneak Preview

DSC_0027Here are my current paintings and prices for anyone who wants a sneak preview. I will be painting my absolute last paintings from Ghana tomorrow and then that is it. We are packing up and shipping the following Tuesday. I am sad to leave Ghana but can’t wait to explore my new soon to be home, VIETNAM.


Tomorrow I will add the GHS conversion and update the last paintings. I hope you can all make it to my last exhibition this Friday.

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 4.04.49 PM


Last Paintings PDF

I am taking reservations with a deposit before the exhibit. I can hand deliver to Kitchener/ Toronto, Canada in June or they will need to be collected in Accra, this week.




2014 Jan ART Exhibition in Ghana

On the 24th of Jan we had a major art exhibition/celebration at Alliance Francaise. My work was for sale and on display next to my grade 6 and 7 students’ work. The grade 6 students had studied Ablade Glover, a famous and highly respected artist from Ghana. Whilst my grade 7 students worked with Jennifer Goss, a visiting artist from the USA.

Ablade Glover the artist who my students studied.

Ablade Glover the artist who my students studied.

The exhibition was a huge success for many reasons. Firstly, I sold 20 paintings out of 28 they are still currently hanging at Alliance Francaise until Monday, Jan 3rd. I have never sold that many in one opening night before. Secondly, the students were extremely excited to actually meet Ablade Glover and explain their art work to him. The parents and the students seemed to genuinely enjoy looking at both my work and the students.

Cheryl's purchase

Cheryl’s purchase

We hung 3 recycled chandeliers and put three display boards outside too which complimented the setting perfectly. After the 6-7pm opening the LCS (band, choir, drama and step) students performed and were also supported by Offie, an amazing vocalist often seen at +233 (the jazz bar).

DSC_0661I will be packing up the exhibit on Monday so if you missed it  you can still go on Saturday. I would love to know what you think. Thanks again to everyone who loved my paintings enough to buy them and to everyone who supported this wonderful 45th anniversary event. It really was a truly wonderful community event.



The Last Work Before The Exhibit


I reworked a painting which was bothering me so I took a boat out and incorporated a funny quote which has proven to be quite popular. I am now much happier with this piece and really love the colours.


This was the view from Cape Coast Castle. The boats are so much fun to paint. I decided to continue to use the dark background to create contrast between the light and bright beach colours. This is actually quite a large piece.


This is also a large long piece also from the west coast of Ghana. You can see a blend of old and new styles here. I have used the dark background, textures, rollers and added my new favourite effect of dribbled paint and rollers. This one has it all!


Another market/fabric scene using rollers, stencils and real fabric. This version was inspired from my last exhibition.


My last piece before the exhibition. I really do love these colours and had so much fun painting it. This piece is layer on layer using knives, rollers,sponges and brushes. It also has my Ghana touch of fabric and beads.


My Latest Paintings


This was inspired from a photo I took at the bead market. I loved the positions of the ladies along with the peeling posters behind their heads. It is a combination of my new and old styles. The posters were painted with a paint knife, the background is in roller and dry brush. I am experimenting with fabric manipulation. When I compare the two ladies I actually prefer the one without the details. There is something calming about her. No features makes you focus on her clothes and surroundings. I am happy with the colours, beads and touch of fabric.


This is my new favourite. There is something very appealing about the colour scheme and realism in the dresses. This time I tried painting the fabric designs outside the figures. I like how the white creates a focal point, movement and contrast. One of the strands of beads is threaded onto wire which made it very easy to shape into an interesting design. I like how the other two strands hang.

DSC_0156-2This was inspired from the bead seller at the festival I went to. She was actually leaning against a red wall but I found the orange and yellow background to be not as successful so I changed the background to a red black which created more contrast. Somehow the painting used more greens than reds. The fabric is one of my favourite prints in Ghana.

DSC_0156I am very happy with this piece. It was actually the second one of my female/market series. I particularly like the dress, and  the colour combinations. It was the detail in this dress that made me change my style slightly.

DSC_0158-2This shows you what my studio is looking like right now. It is definitely a more unified theme.

DSC_0158I actually really like this by itself as well. It is really fun creating the coloured backgrounds.

DSC_0161-2Here is a different one. The pink circular pattern is a new discovery I squeezed some paint out over the canvas than then gently rolled rollers over it. I was going to blend the colour in but actually loved the effect so kept it. I really like the stencil design too because it reminds me of Adinkra symbols and fabric design. I didn’t think this one needed the fabric or the beads.

DSC_0161This was an older one which I reworked with my new style. Recently I have been creating texture with my paint alone but this one has the actual and implied texture. I do prefer these colours and the touch of beads.

DSC_0163I actually painted this today and as you can see it is very different to all the others. I loved this mural when I first saw it in James Town. As I had a photo of the man painting it I though it would make a great painting in its own right. Greg says I paint too many women so here is a man! (Haha) Even though the woman is still there and quite a bit bigger. I actually have 3 “men” paintings planned one with a tro tro and another with a tree. I would love to capture the amazingly colourful African men as their fabrics are just as gorgeous as the women’s. However, I do love the curves, babies and strength of the women in their daily lives.

The Last 2 Paintings Have Been Sold

These are the last two paintings that have been sold before my summer. So in total I have sold 21 paintings, given 3 gifts and kept 3 paintings for myself  “artist’s collection” which means this was an absolute record for me. I still have people asking about three of them quite regularly but if I sell them it won’t be until after the break. I am really happy with my new style so am looking forward to developing it further after the break. I have had many requests for boats, trees and sunsets so we shall see what inspires me in August.

Whatever style/theme I use will definitely have the textures as I am loving the depth and visual interest they create not to mention playing with colour which is an absolute joy for me.





I Have Sold 4 Paintings BEFORE My Exhibit!

As they sell I will post them here so those of you who would be here (if you were in Ghana) could feel like you are still experiencing the exhibit. Soon I will add the photos of the event then it will be time for us to fly to the UK, Bulgaria and Greece for the summer so there won’t be any more updates until we get back to Ghana. I have no idea what style I will be working on this time next year but I am looking forward to seeing the development.

I sold 15 paintings which is a record for me!!!!! It was a fantastic show with a continual flow of people all day. Thanks so much for taking the time to see my work. I REALLY appreciate it. The remaining paintings are still for sale.