My Last Trees From Ghana


This is a painting with a difference. I have wanted to paint this since our beach trip October last year. It was inspired from a photo I took looking at the sunset between the palm trees at Beyin. Again I applied Gesso over the canvas, painted yellow and orange into the Gesso and then smudged it with my hands. While the paint was wet I drew in the trees and added extra colour with chalks. Its a combination of chalks and paint If I had black ink or black thick house paint I would have dribbled that on top too. It is only a small piece but is quite striking. Here is a photo of my wall to show the scale of the paintings in relation to each other.

Three on a wall


The Last Work Before The Exhibit


I reworked a painting which was bothering me so I took a boat out and incorporated a funny quote which has proven to be quite popular. I am now much happier with this piece and really love the colours.


This was the view from Cape Coast Castle. The boats are so much fun to paint. I decided to continue to use the dark background to create contrast between the light and bright beach colours. This is actually quite a large piece.


This is also a large long piece also from the west coast of Ghana. You can see a blend of old and new styles here. I have used the dark background, textures, rollers and added my new favourite effect of dribbled paint and rollers. This one has it all!


Another market/fabric scene using rollers, stencils and real fabric. This version was inspired from my last exhibition.


My last piece before the exhibition. I really do love these colours and had so much fun painting it. This piece is layer on layer using knives, rollers,sponges and brushes. It also has my Ghana touch of fabric and beads.


My First Proper Tree Painting


This is one of my favourite trees here in Ghana. Mind you I have many favourite trees. It was inspired from a photo I took a long time ago on a grade 9 field trip. The tree was actually in a local school in the Volta region. All the kids from the school had climbed it to watch our kids give out Malaria nets and play football. I chose three children to paint because I loved their levels and positioning on the tree. Odd numbers really appeal to me in my art. I hope you like it. I have two canvases drawn up for today one is a Tro Tro and the other is another market scene from my recent beading trip. I am also hoping to begin another boat painting.

I am on holidays at the end of this week so wont be painting for another three weeks but when I get back I will only have 1 week before my art exhibition at Alliance Francaise. I think I am going to invite interested people to my place to view the art before but they will not be allowed to purchase as it will give them time to think and decide which one really speaks to them. If you are interested in attending the preview please let me know.

The First 3 Paintings

These are my first three paintings since being back in Ghana.


This was inspired by the last three paintings I painted for my art exhibition in June. I wanted to try softer colours, less fabric and have the mesh ribbon popping off of the canvas. I will try a few more of these later. I do still really like combining the fabric with the textures. I need to collect more fabric offcuts so that I have greater colour schemes.


I actually painted this when I wasn’t feeling well. I painted mostly with a paint knife which was really fun and kept my image loose and fresh. When I was feeling better I came back and added some small details such as the tones. Overall I am really happy with this piece. I love all those layers of paint on the boats, walls and gates. I also like the mix of implied texture with actual textures. The circle design is inspired from Klimt and the Adinkra symbol which means “greatness”.

This one was a very quick fun one just to get me loosed up.  My relaxing circular design is gentle on the eye yet creates subtle movement. I  would like to paint more trees in the future because I have admired their stunning shapes since the first day I arrived in Ghana. I was trying to keep the paint loose and free by dabbing on the greens and blues without worrying too much about small details. I am happy with the colour scheme. I’d like to try this again on a bigger canvas and play with the white space a little more.

I Have Sold 4 Paintings BEFORE My Exhibit!

As they sell I will post them here so those of you who would be here (if you were in Ghana) could feel like you are still experiencing the exhibit. Soon I will add the photos of the event then it will be time for us to fly to the UK, Bulgaria and Greece for the summer so there won’t be any more updates until we get back to Ghana. I have no idea what style I will be working on this time next year but I am looking forward to seeing the development.

I sold 15 paintings which is a record for me!!!!! It was a fantastic show with a continual flow of people all day. Thanks so much for taking the time to see my work. I REALLY appreciate it. The remaining paintings are still for sale.

Playing With Layers and Card


This was another “waste not, want not” exercise where I randomly covered a canvas with paint and then waited to “feel” what to do next. This time I decided to try painting on small pieces of cardboard. Up close I really like this painting but far away it needs more strength. This piece was inspired from my trip to the Volta region (Eastern Ghana). The lady and scene with the palm trees were from the bus window. The symbol I saw on someone’s gate. This time I added the bubble wrap for texture and incorporated the circular design again from Klimt. It is a very gentle piece which would cheer up any kitchen. Well that is how it feels to me. I hope you like it.

Sorry I Have not Written For a While


I have had internet issues here in Ghana for a couple of months now. Last night my very kind neighbours gave us their password so we are now “stealing” their internet as they felt our frustration. So I can now update you on my recent paintings. With this one I was playing with some of my favourite colours but was also exploring Gesso and Flow medium. I created the frame with masking tape, layered on the Gesso and then pressed in bottle caps, combs and anything else which would make a cool textural imprint. When that dried I used watered down acrylic paint and dropped on some Flow medium which gave the bleach look and the drips. Once everything was dry I painted in the lady and child from the photo resource but changed her shorts to a skirt to create more movement. I completed the piece with the touch of rollers and thick acrylic paint. I wanted the water to break out of the frame and create a more mystical feel. I do love the colours and find the piece to be very relaxing which is exactly how I feel whenever we escape to the beach for the weekend. Overall I am very happy with the effects. It does take longer waiting for all the layers to dry.