Today Was A Public Holiday


This is what I created today. I have had this painting in my mind for a long time. Finally it is on canvas! These beads were hanging in the bead market at Krobo. They are too expensive to buy so figured why not paint them and hang them on my wall? I hope you like it. Now I am going back to boats after some inspiration from last weekend.


I am Back In the Studio And Am Exploring Art Journaling.


Today I decided to experiment with mixed media and art journaling techniques inspired by books and some favourite art jounaling websites which I discovered this week. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but have been too busy working on my canvases for the exhibition but now I have time and my students have given me motivation because this week I am introducing these techniques to my grade 6, 7 and 8 classes and to my Art for the Soul group. I thought I should experiment before introducing it to them.

This was my starting point. I stuck several pieces of watercolour paper down onto cardboard and then played with different backgrounds such as: contrasting papers (newspapers, receipts and brochures),  foil (flat and scrunched), acrylic paint and the last one was Gesso with textures from thick paper and stencils. All the attachments were stuck on with Matt Gel medium but normal PVA glue would work too.


When it was all dry I added small touched of gold and silver pen and stenciled the word create. The masking tape was carefully peeled off and I applied another layer of Gel medium.


Wet Gesso and drawing media. When Gesso is wet it is like a glue. You can paint, draw, drop in sand, fabric and any other textures.



This was on one piece of newspaper. I scumbled (dry brushed) white paint over the newspaper, allowing the text to shine through in parts. I allowed it to dry and then drew my image on. Paint was loosely applied in the fruit, bubble wrap was used for the table and stencils were applied in the background. While the paint was wet I glazed a wash of yellow over the stencils to brighten the background. A small piece of paper towel was added to the pears. I created a negative print to add texture inside the fruit. The final touches were the tones, shadows and outlines.


Foil with a wash and opaque paint. Details could be added with a stamp or embossed metal. You could even attach an old earring or charm with hot glue.


The last project for the day was the start of my first ever art journal. Art journals are personal books which combine paint, collage, textures and writing. Every page is unique and special. I am planning to work on this book 10-20mins every day. It is actually an old children’s book which I applied Gesso to as this made the page thicker.

The last step would be to add the details through the use of patterns with pens and lastly add the journal writing. I am not sure what I will be writing about yet. Basically a journal could be a to do list, a day in your life, a memory, a poem, song, wish, dream absolutely anything you want. Here are some brilliant examples that have inspired me to do this:

Balzer Designs-


Teesha Moore-

Photo Transfer Techniques-


Sketchbook Art

Well I have made it to Ghana. It has taken time to settle in. I still need to buy furniture to set up my studio so until that happens I am working in my sketchbook each Sunday.

Here are my most recent three pieces

One is a patterned tonal self-portrait, the other is a surreal “handscape” both of which I am planning to teach. The African mask is my first “African” themed art work based on our first mask purchase from the art market. The symbols at the back represent hope and greatness. The symbols are used on many things here in Ghana, especially textiles. They are called Adinkra symbols.