Buckets of Beauty

Buckets of Beauty, 40x40

Buckets of Beauty, 40×40

I am still exploring my new style. After being able to stock up on some supplies in Canada I have returned with many ideas and products to play with which I am looking forward to capturing on canvas. When I am not thinking/pre-planning my colours I seem to grab the blues and purples which I balance with a touch of complimentary yellow. These colours are very relaxing to me.

I was also experimenting with gesso as you can see the lines from the textured gesso and the symbols were created with a stencil and gesso. I incorporated a piece of fabric again as I really like how it links my images to Ghana. I am still loving the textures as they make me want to look closer at the image, they intrigue me. I am actually very happy with my focal point as I a pleased with the realism of the lady and her buckets. I still like the dark background which contrasts with the woman and tones down the colours a little. In my next painting I want to try a warmer base colour. Even though I think it still has to be dark to create the contrast and visual interest in the painting. I hope you like it.