The Last Beach Scene For A While

Simplicity, Patience and Compassion Are Your Greatest Treasures, March

This was one of the paintings which I started last weekend in the hope to paint through the week. However it did not work I was too tired after teaching instead I worked on it yesterday. As I was painting I realized that my beach scenes no longer excite me  mainly because I have completed ten of them. I believe I am “beached out” for the time being. 🙂

Its time to move on to something new and fresh. I am however, really happy with the set I have created over these last few months. They do look amazing together and each one came from the heart as a reflection of the gorgeous, hardworking people we often meet on the coast. The style is also getting closer to what I had imagined. I was able to incorporate my favourite Adinkra symbols and had a lot of fun painting with knives, brushes, cardboard, sponges and fingers!

Once I have had a break I might explore the beach once again. My next painting will be based on the markets. There is so much here in Ghana which I still want to capture from drums, masks, beads, fabrics, Kente, ceramics, Ashanti stools, fertility dolls, dancing, fashion on Sundays to the gorgeous people. I could be capturing Ghana for years to come!