Another One Completes the Series

Spirituality, Wisdom, Relationships and Intelligence, Jan

This is the third one of the series. I decided this time to combine my Adinkra symbols with the beach. I really like how the women fade away on this image. I have been using dry-brushing to harmonize the image by using the dominant colours of yellow and blue.

I love these symbols and particularly think their meanings are significant for a happy and fulfilling life. I am going to continue developing this style and but work on a bigger canvas and try to define the women a little more. Greg (my husband) wants me to paint men which I will do one day but I find the women here in Ghana so beautiful in their stunning fabrics it is a bit hard to move onto something else.

Gone Fishing

This is the only one I have done with men so far.

Yeah, This Is The Style I Was After.

African Beauty

I LOVE this one as it is exactly the style I was wanting to create!

The colours are beautiful I am really happy with the semi-abstract yet Impressionist feel. Her dress is exactly what I was after. This is it, this is officially my new style. 🙂

I will continue to push it further in my next paintings but will change my themes according to my inspirations and travels. The colour schemes will change according to my mood or the mood I am wanting to convey in my paintings. I used the rule of thirds to create this image but when it is cropped and central I still like it. Now I want to paint BIG.

African Beauty close up

Its Painting Day Today

Traveling Home, Nov 2011

I am back onto the beaches now. This piece was originally going to be realistic but I found the image to be a bit boring and didn’t like the way the people were looking so I layered the colours to get a more Impressionist feel. Which is actually a goal of mine.

I have seen some paintings here in Ghana which incorporate gorgeous layered paint effects. I’d really like to learn that style and apply them to all my pieces. There is something really exciting to me about the flicked, dragged, and sponged paint.  It is actually like another interpretation of my final UAE paintings!

I am going to have another attempt with the same style but I’d like to try and get brighter.