Preparing for the Market

Preparing for the Market, March

I absolutely love this painting as the colour and texture really works. I intentionally played with complimentary colours hence the limited palette of blue, orange, yellow and purple. I am very happy with the lady mainly because of  tones. In my beach scenes I was working away from realism whereas this image is heading back to reality. I used the same style of dry-brushig and sponging and have also incorporated two Adinkra symbols as the background was a bit plain. By putting the symbols in I feel as though I am linking my paintings to Ghana.

The heart is POSITIVE REVERSION- “It is not taboo to return to take back what you forgot.” (Aldolph Hilary Agbo- Values of Adinkra and Agama symbols) This symbol is saying that there is wisdom in learning from the past to help make the future better.

The other symbol is HOPE-“God, something is in heaven, let it touch my hands”. This proverb encourages people to be optimistic and positive minded.

I hope you like it.