Last Painting for 3 Weeks


I am guessing that this is my last painting for 3 weeks as on Friday I will be flying to Canada for Christmas. I am planning on stocking up on some art materials which I can’t get here and will continue the artistic journey as soon as I get back. With this painting my goal was to play with and strengthen my colours. I have been painting with a lot of blues lately so thought it is time to try the textures with more orange, a colour I associate a lot with Ghana. This was also inspired from my trip to the beach at Sisimbo, the women were on the beach with the fishing nets while the men were in the ocean. The whole process of dragging the nets in took hours or hard work.

I hope you like it. Have a fabulous Christmas and a sensational new year.


The Beauty of Your Soul

Allow the Beauty of your Soul to Shine

Allow the Beauty of your Soul to Shine

This is my recent painting which I am really happy with (for now). I am finally starting to get the effect which I have been trying to create in those dresses. I would still like to have a bit more movement so am thinking of using this style but applying it to my dancers. There is something quite calming and uplifting about this piece. I don’t know if it is the colour scheme, composition or the meaning behind the symbols.

I have chosen the Adinkra symbols based on their designs and meanings (learn from the past, strength, nurture, hope, friendship, beauty and spirituality). The silhouettes walking across the beach create a great contrast between the soft purples and greens. From a distance it is actually quite eye catching. I do love the dry brushing and subtle tones, just enough to bring the figures to life. The patchwork effect in the background was used to create movement and visual interest through the overlapping shapes. I really think I am on to something now.

This is going to be the new R Jardin style! Please let me know what you think. I truly appreciate any feedback I get.

In the Studio

In the Studio

I Am Back Painting

Meet Me There, Ghana Jan 2012

I have finally made it back into the studio after a wonderful holiday to Australia. Of course my first goal was to start with one of the large canvases, which is actually not HUGE but it is big for me.

This painting was inspired from our travels to Eastern Ghana. We stayed at a stunning place called Meet Me There, where the lagoon meets the sea. As with any chilled out experience on the beach in Africa you are always observing daily life go by. This is my attempt to capture daily life. We did see many men too but I have to say I love painting the women for their curves, colours and flapping fabrics in the breeze. I decided to use pastel and cool colours because I was wanting to communicate my calm and content mood whilst sitting in my hammock soaking up the atmosphere and watching life go by.

The second photo shows you the beginning of my beach series and how my studio is developing.

Look how the studio is progressing