Some Art Which I Felt Needed Changing



As it is Sunday (my painting day), I decided to rework some paintings which I was no longer happy with.

With the beach scene inspired from Meet Me There (Eastern Ghana) I decided the image was boring as it looked flat next to my new paintings. So I divided up the page in an interesting way and added Agama symbols which have a special meaning to me. This time I also added some patterns from the fabrics I have seen here. I still might make a few small changes but have it hanging in the living room so I can take my time thinking about it. Overall this image is a lot more like my new style and now has a deeper personal meaning. The last painting had an inspirational statement scratched into the paint whereas I decided to make this one stand out more by painting it.


The dancer has been bothering me for quite a while because of that big yellow swirl leading to her head. The whole image felt too busy and patterned so I simplified it with the contrasting cool colours. I really like this image much better. They look really good as a set.


Lastly, I only had a couple small changes to make on the final painting but got a little carried away. I added more fabric designs, changed the colour of her dress to create more texture and a focal point and painted the sentence instead of having it scratched into the paint. I prefer the colour scheme to before. I may still work on this one but it is hanging in the sudio for now. I hope you like the changes.

I have also painted three backgrounds in the hope that they will encourage me to paint more through the week. I always find it easier to work on my art if I have started something and have the idea. As Sunday is a relaxed day here I find it much easier to generate new ideas and prepare the canvases.

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