Boarding at Anomabo, Ghana

Boarding at Anomabo

This is the largest canvas that I have ever worked on. This time I used a chocolate brown base, added my usual textures with tissue, foil and gesso and worked from one of my favourite photos taken a couple weekends ago when we went to the beach. It was fascinating watching this young mum try and boogie board whilst the kids looked on. The little girl in the blue dress was very scared of the water and never let it touch her feet.

I like the warmth of the browns and Impressionist choice of colours. This is actually an interesting combination of my previous paintings with their beach scenes and Adinkra symbols and my new textured pieces. I wanted the colours to feel light and happy to capture the mood of these kids playing in the sand and watching their mum. The symbols represent spirituality, courage and greatness. I chose them for their meaning and their organic designs. I mainly added them because the Adinkra symbols are used everywhere in Ghana. This beach scene could be anywhere in Africa but by adding the symbols I am specifically connecting it to Ghana. Most of my paintings this year have been focusing on the daily life and hard work of the locals but I could not resist this one even though I said earlier that I wasn’t going to paint the beach again. It is such a major part of Ghana’s beauty that it is hard not to capture it.


Another One Completes the Series

Spirituality, Wisdom, Relationships and Intelligence, Jan

This is the third one of the series. I decided this time to combine my Adinkra symbols with the beach. I really like how the women fade away on this image. I have been using dry-brushing to harmonize the image by using the dominant colours of yellow and blue.

I love these symbols and particularly think their meanings are significant for a happy and fulfilling life. I am going to continue developing this style and but work on a bigger canvas and try to define the women a little more. Greg (my husband) wants me to paint men which I will do one day but I find the women here in Ghana so beautiful in their stunning fabrics it is a bit hard to move onto something else.

Gone Fishing

This is the only one I have done with men so far.

A Long Way to Go

A Long Way to Go

I am now combining styles. Everything from paint knives, sponges and fingers are being used. The funny thing is I was using these techniques in the UAE but it seems to truly capture how I feel about Ghana. I love the colours even though I think it could have  deeper tones. I would like to explore more colour schemes but first I need to purchase some canvases as I have already run out. I am really hoping to be able to eventually  exhibit these here in Accra so would like to paint much bigger just for the fun of it.