Buckets of Beauty

Buckets of Beauty, 40x40

Buckets of Beauty, 40×40

I am still exploring my new style. After being able to stock up on some supplies in Canada I have returned with many ideas and products to play with which I am looking forward to capturing on canvas. When I am not thinking/pre-planning my colours I seem to grab the blues and purples which I balance with a touch of complimentary yellow. These colours are very relaxing to me.

I was also experimenting with gesso as you can see the lines from the textured gesso and the symbols were created with a stencil and gesso. I incorporated a piece of fabric again as I really like how it links my images to Ghana. I am still loving the textures as they make me want to look closer at the image, they intrigue me. I am actually very happy with my focal point as I a pleased with the realism of the lady and her buckets. I still like the dark background which contrasts with the woman and tones down the colours a little. In my next painting I want to try a warmer base colour. Even though I think it still has to be dark to create the contrast and visual interest in the painting. I hope you like it.


The Beauty of Your Soul

Allow the Beauty of your Soul to Shine

Allow the Beauty of your Soul to Shine

This is my recent painting which I am really happy with (for now). I am finally starting to get the effect which I have been trying to create in those dresses. I would still like to have a bit more movement so am thinking of using this style but applying it to my dancers. There is something quite calming and uplifting about this piece. I don’t know if it is the colour scheme, composition or the meaning behind the symbols.

I have chosen the Adinkra symbols based on their designs and meanings (learn from the past, strength, nurture, hope, friendship, beauty and spirituality). The silhouettes walking across the beach create a great contrast between the soft purples and greens. From a distance it is actually quite eye catching. I do love the dry brushing and subtle tones, just enough to bring the figures to life. The patchwork effect in the background was used to create movement and visual interest through the overlapping shapes. I really think I am on to something now.

This is going to be the new R Jardin style! Please let me know what you think. I truly appreciate any feedback I get.

In the Studio

In the Studio