So which paintings are still for sale?

I have had some emails asking which paintings are still for sale. So here you go this is what I have left:

If you are interested in any please email:

There are a couple I am thinking of keeping though but please feel free to contact me. Now that I have had a rest I will get back to painting ready for my last exhibition. Not sure where that will be but am thinking I might need to book a space soon. That will motivate me to keep painting.


Inspiration from James Town

On Saturday a few friends and I took four students to James Town for a street art festival which was a fabulous experience. There were artists, performers, acrobats, poets, dancers performing side by side. The event was huge and ran from 11am-11pm. The location was absolutely sunning being one of the oldest areas in Accra right on the sea. This time I decided to use bright colours to capture the walls which seem to tell their own stories. My running theme seems to be daily life or strength of the workers in Ghana.

I added the Adinkra symbol to link this painting to my other paintings. The symbol celebrates unity through diversity. I really love the design of this one. I haven’t used it before because it is a bit complicated. I am really happy with my peeling posters on the walls too. I think this is one of my personal favourites so far!

Preparing for the Market

Preparing for the Market, March

I absolutely love this painting as the colour and texture really works. I intentionally played with complimentary colours hence the limited palette of blue, orange, yellow and purple. I am very happy with the lady mainly because of  tones. In my beach scenes I was working away from realism whereas this image is heading back to reality. I used the same style of dry-brushig and sponging and have also incorporated two Adinkra symbols as the background was a bit plain. By putting the symbols in I feel as though I am linking my paintings to Ghana.

The heart is POSITIVE REVERSION- “It is not taboo to return to take back what you forgot.” (Aldolph Hilary Agbo- Values of Adinkra and Agama symbols) This symbol is saying that there is wisdom in learning from the past to help make the future better.

The other symbol is HOPE-“God, something is in heaven, let it touch my hands”. This proverb encourages people to be optimistic and positive minded.

I hope you like it.


A Slightly Different Painting

Stumble Inn, Elmina

Here is a different painting for you to enjoy. I really pushed myself here by changing my colour scheme to green, orange and white, which are definitely not colours I would normally use. I have wanted to paint the huts on the beach for a very long time. This painting is inspired from Stumble Inn, Elmina. A gorgeous Eco resort set on a beautiful beach where Greg and I stayed during our first holiday in Ghana. I am combining some of my favourite techniques now such as the patterns from the fabrics and dry brushing.

I still really love the Impressionist/Expressionist feel to my paintings. This element will unify my images when they are all exhibited together. I am still working towards an exhibition hopefully in April or May so stay tuned for that one!