This Is My New Style

This is the second technique I have been playing with. I produced this image a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it. The colours are soft yet contrast very well with the dark base colour. I am painting my favourite people that you see daily on the streets or beaches here in Ghana. The style of painting the figures is the same as my market scenes earlier but this time I am pushing the textures and colour blends. The swirl is a design you will find in most of my works it is my organic shape which seems to appear in all my doodles and often in my paintings. It even appears back in the UAE paintings. I really like how relaxed I feel when my eyes follow the swirl just like a simplified mandala.


Here is the piece I produced today, can you see the differences? I am trying different colours and have incorporated some fabric. The batiks are stunning here. Between the Batiks and beads art, colour and patterns completely surround us all the time. This time I decided to extend the fabric design into my background while the paint was wet so that it blended slightly because I wanted to unify the work by extending the patterns. I didn’t want it to look separate from the work it was there to enhance and inspire. The fabric gave me my colour scheme too. I hope you like them.



The Beauty of Your Soul

Allow the Beauty of your Soul to Shine

Allow the Beauty of your Soul to Shine

This is my recent painting which I am really happy with (for now). I am finally starting to get the effect which I have been trying to create in those dresses. I would still like to have a bit more movement so am thinking of using this style but applying it to my dancers. There is something quite calming and uplifting about this piece. I don’t know if it is the colour scheme, composition or the meaning behind the symbols.

I have chosen the Adinkra symbols based on their designs and meanings (learn from the past, strength, nurture, hope, friendship, beauty and spirituality). The silhouettes walking across the beach create a great contrast between the soft purples and greens. From a distance it is actually quite eye catching. I do love the dry brushing and subtle tones, just enough to bring the figures to life. The patchwork effect in the background was used to create movement and visual interest through the overlapping shapes. I really think I am on to something now.

This is going to be the new R Jardin style! Please let me know what you think. I truly appreciate any feedback I get.

In the Studio

In the Studio

Another One Completes the Series

Spirituality, Wisdom, Relationships and Intelligence, Jan

This is the third one of the series. I decided this time to combine my Adinkra symbols with the beach. I really like how the women fade away on this image. I have been using dry-brushing to harmonize the image by using the dominant colours of yellow and blue.

I love these symbols and particularly think their meanings are significant for a happy and fulfilling life. I am going to continue developing this style and but work on a bigger canvas and try to define the women a little more. Greg (my husband) wants me to paint men which I will do one day but I find the women here in Ghana so beautiful in their stunning fabrics it is a bit hard to move onto something else.

Gone Fishing

This is the only one I have done with men so far.

Jumping for Joy

Dancing in the Heat

I was going to try male dancers but couldn’t resist this one. I just loved her curves and flying hair. My colours represent heat and passion. The cool colours on her clothes are for contrast against the warm background then I added splashes of yellows and orange on her to harmonize the image. I am quite happy with this as it is only small and looks really striking hanging at an angle like this on the wall. There is something quite peaceful about the round shape behind her. Overall  I am really happy with the design of this image.

The Next Piece

Colours of Ghana, Nov 2011

I really like the vibrancy of this one. I used my background to represent movement and chose the colours to represent flirtation and energy. The patterns are inspired from the stunning African textiles. The yellow waves are meant to lead the viewers eyes to my voluptuous dancer. I think each of these pieces will appeal to different people. I am hoping something really speaks to them. My personal favourite one at the moment is the first one as I really do like the movement in it but then it does depend what mood I am in. My next challenge will be to capture a man with his energetic movements, I would also like to paint bigger.

Dancing in Ghana

Dancing in Ghana, Nov 2011

In Africa dances are used at nearly every social, cultural or religious event. Sometimes they tell the story of a people and other dances give moral “instructions” on how to live a good and harmonic life. This painting is inspired from a traditional dance I saw at our school’s international day the “exaggerated bottoms” are a very important part of this flirtatious yet entertaining dance.

It is hard to capture the movement with this dance as the moves are quiet grounded and the costumes don’t really fly in the air as they do with other dances, well that is from my observation anyway.

In this painting I used the background to lead the viewers’ attention to the back of the dancer, the circles represent the drum beats and colours are cooler because the moves seemed more grounded, calmer however the yellow represents the humour of the dance. The design on her dress is inspired from African textiles. I am planning to paint one more dance themed piece today to complete the set then I will try something else.

Rhythm of Africa

Rhythm of Africa, Nov 2011

I have decided to make today and tomorrow my painting days. My goal is to work on a dance series as I really want to capture my passions and interests here in Ghana. My first MAJOR passion being the music and dance which you really do see and hear nearly every day. In this piece I was wanting to use my brushstrokes and changing colours to represent the rhythm of the music. I chose these colours because for me they represent happiness and excitement. When I was painting this piece I played my favourite African music really loud and tried to capture how I felt. I hope you like it.