I Am Back Painting

Meet Me There, Ghana Jan 2012

I have finally made it back into the studio after a wonderful holiday to Australia. Of course my first goal was to start with one of the large canvases, which is actually not HUGE but it is big for me.

This painting was inspired from our travels to Eastern Ghana. We stayed at a stunning place called Meet Me There, where the lagoon meets the sea. As with any chilled out experience on the beach in Africa you are always observing daily life go by. This is my attempt to capture daily life. We did see many men too but I have to say I love painting the women for their curves, colours and flapping fabrics in the breeze. I decided to use pastel and cool colours because I was wanting to communicate my calm and content mood whilst sitting in my hammock soaking up the atmosphere and watching life go by.

The second photo shows you the beginning of my beach series and how my studio is developing.

Look how the studio is progressing