The Next Piece

Colours of Ghana, Nov 2011

I really like the vibrancy of this one. I used my background to represent movement and chose the colours to represent flirtation and energy. The patterns are inspired from the stunning African textiles. The yellow waves are meant to lead the viewers eyes to my voluptuous dancer. I think each of these pieces will appeal to different people. I am hoping something really speaks to them. My personal favourite one at the moment is the first one as I really do like the movement in it but then it does depend what mood I am in. My next challenge will be to capture a man with his energetic movements, I would also like to paint bigger.

Dancing in Ghana

Dancing in Ghana, Nov 2011

In Africa dances are used at nearly every social, cultural or religious event. Sometimes they tell the story of a people and other dances give moral “instructions” on how to live a good and harmonic life. This painting is inspired from a traditional dance I saw at our school’s international day the “exaggerated bottoms” are a very important part of this flirtatious yet entertaining dance.

It is hard to capture the movement with this dance as the moves are quiet grounded and the costumes don’t really fly in the air as they do with other dances, well that is from my observation anyway.

In this painting I used the background to lead the viewers’ attention to the back of the dancer, the circles represent the drum beats and colours are cooler because the moves seemed more grounded, calmer however the yellow represents the humour of the dance. The design on her dress is inspired from African textiles. I am planning to paint one more dance themed piece today to complete the set then I will try something else.