Inspiration from James Town

On Saturday a few friends and I took four students to James Town for a street art festival which was a fabulous experience. There were artists, performers, acrobats, poets, dancers performing side by side. The event was huge and ran from 11am-11pm. The location was absolutely sunning being one of the oldest areas in Accra right on the sea. This time I decided to use bright colours to capture the walls which seem to tell their own stories. My running theme seems to be daily life or strength of the workers in Ghana.

I added the Adinkra symbol to link this painting to my other paintings. The symbol celebrates unity through diversity. I really love the design of this one. I haven’t used it before because it is a bit complicated. I am really happy with my peeling posters on the walls too. I think this is one of my personal favourites so far!


Weathered Walls

I completed these paintings today. Both are focusing on weathered walls from photo sources that I have admired and seen as a painting for a long time.

Weathered Walls

This is from a photo taken by Franco- a teacher from my school. As soon as I saw it I adored the colours, layers and scale. This would have worked really well on a piece of wood as you could be very rough with the sandpaper.  It was a little difficult and time-consuming sanding back all the layers of paint on a stretched canvas due to its flexibility. I do however, really like the effect.  I particularly like the contrast between the cool and warm colours and the scale of the people as they are so small and insignificant to the giant wall which tells its own story.

Life in Guilin

I am really happy with this one because I have often found it difficult to reproduce the opera masks as they are so perfectly symmetrical.  This is definitely not perfect but I think still communicates the message. Again I have worked from one of my own photos taken in Guilin. It was an amazing scene with the shoe seller sitting in front of two giant opera masks painted on the wall. I chose one because I wanted it to create asymmetrical balance with the old lady selling the shoes- that is also why I added the red fan. I am happy with the toned down earthy colours and splash of red. Very Chinese!