Life Passing you By Part 2.


This is the second one I painted in this series but this time as I said before I used the revision mirror as an interesting frame. This idea actually came to me when I was sitting in the car and Greg had run into work to collect something. Whilst I was waiting I was gazing through the mirror watching the sellers go by and thought to myself, “I should paint this as I see this frame every time we go away”. The colours really do flash past especially when I am tuning out but there is always something amazing which draws my attention back. The next piece is the same idea but was from the trip to Aburi it was inspired from some markets we passed.


I do love the colours of this one and the focal point of red tomatoes. The next piece is the last of my “waste not, want not” series as the colors were chosen from the left over paint I had. I decided this time to try a man as my husband is always asking, “Why don’t you paint men?” It is harder to capture the movement and the stunning fabrics with the men. You really can’t beat the beauty of the African curves! Anyway here is my man painting, a scene we often see here in the streets of Accra.



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