Back at the Markets

DSC_0320This one was really fun because I had no idea what I was going to do. First I created a random background using brush, rollers, fingers and stencils. This was actually the first time I dribbled paint on the canvas and rolled the rollers gently over it. The pattern reminded me of string prints where you dip string into paint and press it onto paper so that is why I stuck the string on. I thought it complimented the design and added subtle texture. I then chose the photo resource which spoke to me the most today. Every day is different. I loved this lady when I saw her at the bead market. I waited quite a while to get a good candid photo as I really don’t like pointing cameras in people’s faces. When  I took the photo I knew she was going to be a painting one day. If only she knew.

I love the colours and the addition of the fabric. I am always looking for ways to combine fabrics with my art as they are so beautiful and important here in Ghana. I don’t like sticking them on so they look like random designs they have to be a part of my painting. The colours, and designs have to balance or create contrast. I copied the design on the fabric and painted a section in the background. This piece really is layer on layer. I am actually really happy with it especially because of the fabric.


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