Forever Friends Has Been Reworked.

Forever Friends, March 2012

I have run out of canvases therefore have to make a trip to Acrylix (our only art supplies shop here in Ghana) this week. When I run out of canvases I tend to reflect upon the old ones and repaint them or just paint another image on top. There were a few things in the original version of this which were annoying me. I didn’t get much of a response on Facebook from my friends so figured it was not really liked so have come up with an even better version. 🙂 (well I think so anyway)

I have kept the women because I loved their dresses and colours but decided to put them in a doorway. To make the doorway interesting I added Adinkra symbols representing hope and beauty on the wall in purple, which creates balance with the dress on the left. The wall space still seemed a little empty to me so  I combined my favourite fabric designs from the “Meet Me There” painting.

I also added some of Esther’s gorgeous  fabrics for the design and texture. Now I am really happy with the colours, texture and composition. Eventually I would like to focus on the fashion, beads and fabrics of Ghana but that can be another series later. Hope you like it better than the first version.

The original version


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