A Days Work

In a Days Work- Acrylics on Canvas, Oct 2012

I have decided to create three of these paintings capturing people and images who move me. Again I have included the embossed foil, glue and beads plus tissue paper. I am really happy with the girl’s expression and especially her lips. I don’t usually paint faces so this is a real challenge for me. I would have liked it to be more expressionist like the previous painting but kept to the browns yellows and just a touch of blue. The colours are calming and so is her expression. I like the addition of the beads especially since they are actually from the bead factories here.

I am not sure what my next piece will be but I will have another attempt at a portrait, perhaps an old lady/man then my three paintings could also capture the generations here. I would like my paintings to become even more textured and I’d quite like to work layer on layer a little like the effect of batiks but am not sure how to combine the realism with it yet as I have also decided I like a “mess” with a bit of realism for the human connection. But who knows what path I will travel down next. I just know I am really excited by the journey. Please come with me.


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