Today Has Been a Busy Painting Day

I am currently working with two very different styles. Both I like but I think they will appeal to different people. This is the first one:


The first style is an Abstract Expressionist piece which is playing with primary and secondary colours whilst layering the paint. I have been playing with transparency for blocking in the figures. The bold black lines really make the image pop. Today I created two small ones but this time incorporated beads. One of my goals when I arrived back to Ghana was to experiment with texture, symbols and objects significant to Ghana. Hence, the patterns inspired from fabrics and the incorporation of the beads. I have also combined textures and the roller, similar to the previous painting.

DSC_0563This one is inspired from one of my photos taken when I was in a bead market. This woman really appealed to me in the way she was casually holding the chicken with the bag of shopping. I simplified her body so it isn’t 100% accurate as I wanted her to fit in with the rest of the Abstract background. I love the use of the reds and purples. That is a combination I have not used much. The symbols are Adinkras and beads are all made here in Ghana.


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