This Is My New Style

This is the second technique I have been playing with. I produced this image a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it. The colours are soft yet contrast very well with the dark base colour. I am painting my favourite people that you see daily on the streets or beaches here in Ghana. The style of painting the figures is the same as my market scenes earlier but this time I am pushing the textures and colour blends. The swirl is a design you will find in most of my works it is my organic shape which seems to appear in all my doodles and often in my paintings. It even appears back in the UAE paintings. I really like how relaxed I feel when my eyes follow the swirl just like a simplified mandala.


Here is the piece I produced today, can you see the differences? I am trying different colours and have incorporated some fabric. The batiks are stunning here. Between the Batiks and beads art, colour and patterns completely surround us all the time. This time I decided to extend the fabric design into my background while the paint was wet so that it blended slightly because I wanted to unify the work by extending the patterns. I didn’t want it to look separate from the work it was there to enhance and inspire. The fabric gave me my colour scheme too. I hope you like them.



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