My First Proper Tree Painting


This is one of my favourite trees here in Ghana. Mind you I have many favourite trees. It was inspired from a photo I took a long time ago on a grade 9 field trip. The tree was actually in a local school in the Volta region. All the kids from the school had climbed it to watch our kids give out Malaria nets and play football. I chose three children to paint because I loved their levels and positioning on the tree. Odd numbers really appeal to me in my art. I hope you like it. I have two canvases drawn up for today one is a Tro Tro and the other is another market scene from my recent beading trip. I am also hoping to begin another boat painting.

I am on holidays at the end of this week so wont be painting for another three weeks but when I get back I will only have 1 week before my art exhibition at Alliance Francaise. I think I am going to invite interested people to my place to view the art before but they will not be allowed to purchase as it will give them time to think and decide which one really speaks to them. If you are interested in attending the preview please let me know.


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