My Latest Paintings


This was inspired from a photo I took at the bead market. I loved the positions of the ladies along with the peeling posters behind their heads. It is a combination of my new and old styles. The posters were painted with a paint knife, the background is in roller and dry brush. I am experimenting with fabric manipulation. When I compare the two ladies I actually prefer the one without the details. There is something calming about her. No features makes you focus on her clothes and surroundings. I am happy with the colours, beads and touch of fabric.


This is my new favourite. There is something very appealing about the colour scheme and realism in the dresses. This time I tried painting the fabric designs outside the figures. I like how the white creates a focal point, movement and contrast. One of the strands of beads is threaded onto wire which made it very easy to shape into an interesting design. I like how the other two strands hang.

DSC_0156-2This was inspired from the bead seller at the festival I went to. She was actually leaning against a red wall but I found the orange and yellow background to be not as successful so I changed the background to a red black which created more contrast. Somehow the painting used more greens than reds. The fabric is one of my favourite prints in Ghana.

DSC_0156I am very happy with this piece. It was actually the second one of my female/market series. I particularly like the dress, and  the colour combinations. It was the detail in this dress that made me change my style slightly.

DSC_0158-2This shows you what my studio is looking like right now. It is definitely a more unified theme.

DSC_0158I actually really like this by itself as well. It is really fun creating the coloured backgrounds.

DSC_0161-2Here is a different one. The pink circular pattern is a new discovery I squeezed some paint out over the canvas than then gently rolled rollers over it. I was going to blend the colour in but actually loved the effect so kept it. I really like the stencil design too because it reminds me of Adinkra symbols and fabric design. I didn’t think this one needed the fabric or the beads.

DSC_0161This was an older one which I reworked with my new style. Recently I have been creating texture with my paint alone but this one has the actual and implied texture. I do prefer these colours and the touch of beads.

DSC_0163I actually painted this today and as you can see it is very different to all the others. I loved this mural when I first saw it in James Town. As I had a photo of the man painting it I though it would make a great painting in its own right. Greg says I paint too many women so here is a man! (Haha) Even though the woman is still there and quite a bit bigger. I actually have 3 “men” paintings planned one with a tro tro and another with a tree. I would love to capture the amazingly colourful African men as their fabrics are just as gorgeous as the women’s. However, I do love the curves, babies and strength of the women in their daily lives.


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