Sorry I Have not Written For a While


I have had internet issues here in Ghana for a couple of months now. Last night my very kind neighbours gave us their password so we are now “stealing” their internet as they felt our frustration. So I can now update you on my recent paintings. With this one I was playing with some of my favourite colours but was also exploring Gesso and Flow medium. I created the frame with masking tape, layered on the Gesso and then pressed in bottle caps, combs and anything else which would make a cool textural imprint. When that dried I used watered down acrylic paint and dropped on some Flow medium which gave the bleach look and the drips. Once everything was dry I painted in the lady and child from the photo resource but changed her shorts to a skirt to create more movement. I completed the piece with the touch of rollers and thick acrylic paint. I wanted the water to break out of the frame and create a more mystical feel. I do love the colours and find the piece to be very relaxing which is exactly how I feel whenever we escape to the beach for the weekend. Overall I am very happy with the effects. It does take longer waiting for all the layers to dry.


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