The First 3 Paintings

These are my first three paintings since being back in Ghana.


This was inspired by the last three paintings I painted for my art exhibition in June. I wanted to try softer colours, less fabric and have the mesh ribbon popping off of the canvas. I will try a few more of these later. I do still really like combining the fabric with the textures. I need to collect more fabric offcuts so that I have greater colour schemes.


I actually painted this when I wasn’t feeling well. I painted mostly with a paint knife which was really fun and kept my image loose and fresh. When I was feeling better I came back and added some small details such as the tones. Overall I am really happy with this piece. I love all those layers of paint on the boats, walls and gates. I also like the mix of implied texture with actual textures. The circle design is inspired from Klimt and the Adinkra symbol which means “greatness”.

This one was a very quick fun one just to get me loosed up.  My relaxing circular design is gentle on the eye yet creates subtle movement. I  would like to paint more trees in the future because I have admired their stunning shapes since the first day I arrived in Ghana. I was trying to keep the paint loose and free by dabbing on the greens and blues without worrying too much about small details. I am happy with the colour scheme. I’d like to try this again on a bigger canvas and play with the white space a little more.


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